Appeal your content to search engines

In order to be displayed at the top of search results, it is necessary to tell the search engine exactly what the content is about. So what do we need to be aware of in order to convey the content of the content to the search engine?

Pay attention to the placement of keywords

The placement of keywords is important for telling search engines what your content is about. Proper placement of keywords in the headline, body, and meta description helps search engines understand the content. However, it is not necessary to pack keywords in the dark clouds, so be careful. It is important to keep the sentences natural and easy to read. Also, keep in mind that placing the keyword in front of the sentence makes it easier for the search engine to recognize it.

Let’s organize the sentence structure

Content that is logically easy to understand makes it easy for users and search engines to understand the content. Use heading tags appropriately to keep your text organized. Of course, it’s also important to have good grammar. Keep in mind that creating content that is easy for the reader to read will result in the correct communication to search engines.

Tell the content of the content by URL

The URL is also one of the important elements that convey the content of the content to the search engine. By setting the position of the content on the homepage, the category, and the URL that clearly indicates the content, you can more accurately convey the information to the search engine. Avoid meaningless letters and numbers, and set a URL that makes it easy to guess the content.