Get to know the way Google’s check point

Get to know the way Google’s check point

Is the page you want to rank in your search results really valuable to the users who search for that keyword?

Please check all the pages displayed at the top of the search results.

At the moment, “pages that are valuable to the user” that Google thinks are displayed at the top. In order to get close to that ranking, it is necessary to make the pages on your site more valuable, highly unique, high-quality, and comprehensive content.

Three evaluation criteria that Google attaches most importance to: E-A-T

Google’s search quality assessment guidelines state the importance of “E-A-T”.

Three evaluation criteria (E-A-T) that Google attaches most importance to


* From Google’s search quality evaluation guidelines

When creating content and sites, it is easy to be evaluated as a high-quality site by properly incorporating these three elements. On the contrary, if these elements are largely missing, they may be considered poor quality.

What is Expertise?

Specialty is high-quality content that has deep value, such as a unified theme, problem solving, new information, and comprehensive information.

Those requiring special expertise and high quality: YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)
“YMYL” is a site with pages and themes that may have a great impact on your healthy life (physical, economic, safety, etc.) such as medical care, medicine, and finance.

What is Authoritativeness?

Content that is highly valued by a trusted third party has high value.

What is Trustworthiness?

Credibility is high in originality, and it is not the content copied or imitated, but the professional recognition and reliability.

Expertise and credibility of authors (content creators / site operators) also affect.

Especially in the category related to “YMYL”, the branding of the site operating company is also important because the expertise and credibility of the author (individual / company) are greatly affected.