How search engines work and how ranking is determined

How search engines work and how ranking is determined

Then, how does the search engine work and what are the criteria for ranking?

Search engines crawl published sites and pages (get site and page information) to display sites in search results. When this crawler arrives at a site or page, it not only acquires the information described in it, but also follows the links described in it to move the pages within the site and acquire information.

Then, the enormous amount of information obtained is registered in the database in the search engine. This registration is called an index. This indexed information is an important element in getting the right page displayed when users search for it.

When a user actually searches, various factors such as how many keywords and synonyms there are in the page, whether it is a spam page, whether the content of the page is high or low, etc. Is analyzed in just 0.5 seconds and the total score of each page is calculated and this result is displayed on the screen of the user who searched. In other words, the search ranking is determined by this total point.

Search engine programs make algorithmic changes every day to optimize information and keep updating it. By repeating the update, we are making it possible to publish more useful information for users.

I talked to Yahoo! and Google about the search engine used by many users in Japan, but in fact, the source of Yahoo! ‘S search engine comes from Google. So there isn’t that much difference in search engine algorithms.

Why are search engines updating their algorithms daily? The reason why search engines update their algorithms every day can be understood by reading google’s corporate philosophy, which boasts a large number of users in the world.