Let’s raise the search ranking with SEO in mind

Why is SEO important for ranking?

SEO measures are considered to be an essential element for improving the rate of attracting customers to websites, but why are SEO measures so important? One of the reasons for this is the relationship between the display order of search results and the ease of clicking.

When looking for something, many people search for keywords in search engines and click on pages that seem relevant. At this time, the higher the page displayed in the search results, the easier it is to click, and most people tend to search for the information they are looking for from the page displayed in the first page of the search results. Therefore, if you want more people to see your homepage, SEO measures to be displayed on the first page of search results are very important.

So what are the SEO measures?

There are various methods for SEO measures. The SEO measures can be broadly classified into two types, “internal SEO” and “external SEO”. What are the characteristics of internal SEO and external SEO? First, let’s check the difference between the two SEO measures.

Internal SEO

Internal SEO measures refer to SEO measures taken inside the operated website. The purpose is to properly set elements such as title tags, heading tags, and meta description inside the homepage so that the search engine can correctly recognize the contents of the homepage.

If you can let the search engine know exactly what your homepage is about, then when relevant keywords are searched, your search results will appear as pages with useful content. It is important to clarify the contents of the home page by appropriately performing internal SEO, because the pages that the search engine determines are more relevant to the keyword and contain more useful contents are displayed at the top. .

External SEO

Unlike internal SEO, which takes measures inside the website, external SEO is a method of enhancing the evaluation of the website from the outside. The main content of external SEO measures is to obtain backlinks (links from external homepages) on the homepage, which is also called external link countermeasures or backlink countermeasures.

Properly performing internal SEO and having the search engine recognize the contents of the home page is not the only way to improve the ranking of search results. Because the search engine can judge such things as “what kind of content is written” and “is it systematically organized text”, but how the user actually evaluates the content of the home page It is not possible to determine whether to do it. Therefore, acquiring backlinks as a measure against external SEO is an indicator of whether or not users are highly evaluated.

Points to raise the rank in SEO

The previous chapter introduced the purpose of each of internal and external SEO. Both are essential measures to improve the order of display of search results. In this chapter, we will focus on internal SEO measures and explain about “URL normalization”, “keyword setting”, and “utilizing Google Analytics”.

URL normalization

URL normalization is one of the internal SEO measures that we would like to take to improve the display order of search results. It is a URL that seems to have nothing to do with SEO measures, but setting a URL that explains the category or content of the content will lead to more information being transmitted to the search engine. On the other hand, if the URL is a list of letters and numbers that have no meaning, the search engine may not be able to accurately understand the content, and it may be necessary for users who are trying to link to the page. Can be said to be confusing and unfriendly.

When setting the URL, try to keep it simple and easy to guess the content of the page. For that reason, it is important to be careful not to create a complicated directory structure and include keywords related to the content.

It is also important to have one URL for each page. If there are multiple URLs for a link to a page, the evaluation from the search engine may be divided for each URL. Always use the same URL when linking pages on your home page.

Keyword settings

Another important element of internal SEO measures is the setting of keywords. As mentioned above, when a user wants to obtain information that he or she wants to know, it is common to enter keywords in a search engine to search. Therefore, it is important to place keywords that meet the needs of users so that they are displayed at the top of search results.

The main points to check for proper placement of keywords are the title, heading, body, and meta description. Search engines tend to prioritize keywords that are located more forward when recognizing keywords, so try to place keywords in front of titles and headings. It is also important to place keywords as close together as possible when placing compound keywords. For example, if you want to set a compound keyword of “SEO” and “rank”, by arranging it as “an effective method to improve the rank by SEO”, the search engine will show the relationship between keywords. It is said that the possibility of more accurate recognition will increase.

However, it is assumed that the text is natural when placing these keywords. Be careful not to pack the keywords in the dark clouds as malicious content may be judged. It is important to keep the content easy for users to understand.

Leverage Google Analytics

It is also a good idea to utilize analysis tools such as Google Analytics in order to carry out SEO countermeasures efficiently. In Google Analytics, you can see how the user arrived at the home page, what kind of action was taken on the home page, and you can know information such as which page is often browsed I will.

By using Google Analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your SEO measures. Analyzing the trends of popular pages and, conversely, pages that are not often viewed, will help us discover further improvements. In addition, by confirming what keywords are influencing the users who are visiting the homepage, it is possible to understand the user’s needs and use it to create more useful content for the user.

Measure the effects of SEO measures and make good use of tools such as Google Analytics to improve your website.

Let’s aim at the ranking improvement while being aware of SEO

This time, we introduced “URL canonicalization”, “Keyword setting”, and “Use of Google Analytics” among the internal SEO measures. It is important to properly perform both internal SEO and external SEO so that more people can visit our website.

Let’s try to provide more useful information to users and improve the display order of search results by referring to the information introduced this time.