Points when working on external measures

In order to prevent a drop in position and the loss of user trust, it is necessary to pay attention to the penalty and take external measures. So what do we need to do to get backlinks without penalties? Here are some points to keep in mind when working on external SEO measures.

The premise is to create good content

First and foremost, getting a link from another site depends on whether the content is useful to the user. The content creation from the user’s point of view is external to SEO, such as whether it can provide useful information to the target user, whether it is easy to read with a logical structure, and whether it is a title that interests the user. It is essential for countermeasures.

One way to use SNS

In order to collect backlinks from external sites, we need more people to browse the content. One of the effective means for that is “utilization of SNS”.

By sending updated content information on SNS one by one, not only users coming from organic search (keyword search by search engine) but also SNS followers will have a chance to read the content. Also, in SNS, there are cases where followers share information and it explosively spreads, so it will increase the possibility of being linked to external sites.

Regular backlink check is also important

Also, in order to avoid the penalty of poor quality and malicious backlinks, it is important to check backlinks regularly. With analysis tools such as Google’s search console, you can check the number of backlinks and the link source.

If you are receiving links from unrelated sites or unnatural sites that list only links, you need to delete backlinks (reject backlinks).