How is the ranking decided?

How is the ranking decided?

Now that we know that we should only assume Google, we will explain how the ranking of search results is determined.

The ranking of search results is determined by Google’s algorithm. And Google aims to make Google search more convenient for users. When users enter a keyword and search it, they should have some sense of purpose. The goal of Google is to display search results that meet that purpose.

Therefore, the search result is

Highly relevant to keywords
Good quality information is posted
Pages like this are displayed at the top.

I will briefly explain how this decision is made.

First, a robot called a crawler crawls every web page on the Internet to collect information. The information collected by the crawlers is stored in a database. (This is called “indexing.”) And Google’s proprietary algorithm evaluates the page.

From this it can be seen that it is important to create good content that is useful to the user in order to be ranked high.
There may be various techniques on the public SEO know-how book, but this is the essence of SEO, so be sure to remember it. As long as you create good content, your ranking will naturally rise.