How to make create contents

How to make create contents

Once you have selected the keyword you want to display higher on your site through keyword planning, we will create content for that keyword.

You don’t have to think hard about “content”. On most websites, more than 80% of the content consists of text and images, and (for now) it’s quite effective.

Content quality and quantity
Before adding content, the first thing I want to keep in mind is “quality and quantity.”

About content quality

About E-A-T

In recent years, Google has tended to rate content that is highly specialized, or “high quality” articles.

E-A-T, which is also mentioned in the search quality evaluation guidelines, is greatly related to this.

Expertise Expertise

Expertise refers to whether a site or page is specialized in something special.

Authoritativeness refers to whether the creator of a site or page is recognized by many people in the areas they describe.

Trustworthiness refers to whether the website itself is run by a trusted company or organization.

The guidelines also include YMYL, Your Money or Your Life. Although it translates directly into Japanese as “your money and your life”, it has been pointed out that it is important to provide reliable information for pages related to health and economic aspects. .

In other words, it is necessary to write “really useful information and highly specialized content for the user” rather than just creating the original article while the content is thin.

About the amount of content

It is said that the amount of text is important for the content! However, there is no point in simply describing the text with little content. This is because the “quality of content” that I mentioned earlier will drop. So why is quantity important?

This is because the amount of text will inevitably increase if you select the target keyword and try to describe “useful information for the user” as much as possible about the content.

There is no specific number of letters to guarantee the quality. It is good to judge by referring to the content and the number of characters of the site displayed in the top with the target keyword you are aiming for.

Let’s see how to actually deal with it. This time, I will explain in two steps: “How to enhance the contents of existing pages” and “How to create new pages and add contents”.

How to enhance the content of existing pages

First of all, I would like to introduce content measures that can be made by utilizing existing pages. Simply put, enriching the text and images on existing pages.

Let’s look at specific measures with examples.

Brand mail order site

In the case of the brand mail order site mentioned above, I think that you added a list page with target keywords as “Vuitton mail order” and “Gucci mail order”, but here is an article that introduces the brand’s charm, history, representative series, etc. Then it is effective.

EC site

In the case of EC sites, I think there are many cases where the same text as on the manufacturer’s site is used for posting on the product detail page. It is effective to post your impressions, comparisons with competing products, and reviews of buyers. It is difficult to make a difference from other sites, but by posting such content, Google highly appreciates these as original content.

For images, if possible, use what you have taken. Google will also recognize the content of the image by doing the appropriate processing. This will give the page more originality.

Real estate site

It may be effective to post information about attractions, living comforts, population, elementary schools, etc. around the station on a real estate site that is classified by station. If you are a medical institution with several branch offices, it is advisable to post not only the map and contact information but also the details of medical treatment for each clinic, greetings from the director and introductions of staff.

Service site for BtoB

In case of product introduction, the background and results of the introduction should be described instead of just listing the names of the companies that introduced it. In addition, if the service is a product that is not generally recognized in the first place, it is effective to set up basic content for that product.

As you may have already noticed, adding content to existing pages is not just for SEO.

It is also a valuable element for users to browse. If you don’t know what to add, go back to your persona and re-think “what users are looking for and what they visit”.