Where should the keywords be placed?

When working on SEO, it is also important where to place the set keywords. Here, “Title,” “Heading,” and “Metadescription” are explained as particularly high priority parts when placing keywords.

Placement 1. Title

The title is the title that is given to each page of the site, and refers to the part that is displayed on the list of search results and also displayed on the tab of the other browser. The “○○” part of <title> ○○ </ title> in HTML is displayed as the title. Let’s include a keyword in the XX part and set a title that attracts the interest of the user.

However, if the title text displayed in the search results is too long, it may be partially omitted or displayed only part way, so try to keep it to about 30 characters.

Placement 2. Heading

The headline is also one of the parts that should include the keyword. The headline plays a role like the table of contents on the page and corresponds to the “○○” part of <h1> ○○ </ h1> in HTML. Heading tags range from <h1> to <h6>, with smaller numbers being more important. Make sure that the headline has a wording that contains keywords that briefly describe the content.

Placement 3. Meta description

Next, let’s look at the meta description. A meta description is a text that outlines the page and is displayed in the search result list along with the title.
* Depending on the search engine’s judgment, the part of the page that matches the keyword may be displayed.

If the meta description contains a keyword that the user searched for, it will be highlighted in bold, making it easier for the user to catch the eye. The meta description will display about 50 characters on smartphones and about 120 characters on PCs in the search results, so try to describe the content of the page concisely while keeping in mind the number of characters.

Keyword placement points

In the previous chapter, we introduced “Title,” “Heading,” and “Metadescription” as the parts where keywords should be placed. Next, I would like to introduce specific points to remember when arranging.

Keywords are in front of the sentence

One of the important points when placing keywords is to place them in front of the text. These are the same for the title, headline, and body. For example, if you select the keyword “buying a used car”, place it at the front of the sentence as much as “buying a used car”. This is because search engines tend to think that keywords in front of tags such as <title>, <h>, and <p> are more important.

Compound keywords placed close

Next, let’s also look at the points when placing compound keywords. When arranging compound keywords, place them so that each keyword is closely spaced as in the above-mentioned “Purchase of used cars”. By narrowing the distance between keywords in this way, the relationship between keywords is emphasized, and the intention can be easily communicated to search engines.

On the other hand, if the keywords are separated by distances or cross punctuation marks, it becomes difficult for the search engine to understand the relationship between the keywords.

Don’t overfill keywords

When placing keywords, be careful not to overload them. Even if you want to emphasize keywords, it is not only unpleasant for readers to include keywords as if they are unnatural, or to list keywords by ignoring the context. There is a risk of being regarded. It is important that the text is arranged naturally with the reader’s perspective in mind.