Why keywords are important for SEO measures

First, let’s check why keywords are important in SEO measures. When collecting information on the Internet, it is common to enter keywords in a search engine to perform a search. The search engine narrows down the pages that match the search keyword from the huge number of web pages on the net and displays them in the search result in the order that better matches the search intention based on various evaluation criteria.

Therefore, if SEO measures are not taken with the keywords that the target user will search, there is a possibility that the target user’s search screen may not even be displayed as a target to be displayed rather than higher.

Keyword selection method

So how should the keywords for the home page be determined? Here, we will introduce the keyword selection process that is the basis of SEO measures.

Clarify your homepage target

When selecting keywords, it is necessary to start by clarifying the target image of the website. This is because it is impossible to select keywords that match your search needs if the target image that should appeal your product or service is unclear.

First, clarify the strengths of your company’s products and services, and infer what kind of layer makes you feel attractive.

The articles below provide more details on how to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses and how to identify your targets. Please use it as a reference.
Reference: Let’s make repeat customers customers to increase repeaters

Select using a keyword tool

Once you have a clear picture of your target, it’s time to explore your target’s search needs. In that case, a keyword tool such as “Keyword Planner” provided by Google is useful. Many keyword tools allow you to see your keyword search volume and suggested related or similar keywords.

The search volume is a numerical value indicating how many times the keyword is searched in a month. The higher this number is, the higher the search needs are, but generally the more competing sites are. Therefore, when aiming for efficient conversion in high-level display, it is common to select a “composite keyword” that combines multiple keywords.

It is also a good idea to understand the needs from Google suggestion and Q & A site

Besides using keyword tools. There are methods that can be useful when selecting keywords. For example, Google Suggest is one of them. You may be aware that when you enter a space after a keyword in a search engine, the keyword combination candidates are displayed.

This is called a suggestion keyword, and the ones that are frequently searched and those that are highly relevant are displayed as keyword candidates. These suggested keywords are also an effective way to find out your target search needs.

Q & A sites can also help you to find your search needs. By checking the contents of the question on the Q & A site, you can know what kind of questions and anxieties the target user has.